Stamina Inversion Tables

Everybody has experienced sore back, stiff muscles and stress.  This could be a result of poor posture or perhaps working conditions.  Sitting for prolonged hours could definitely hurt our back.  One of the ways to deal with this kind of stiffness and pain is through inversion therapy that has been used since 400 B.C. There are also several studies showing that muscle pain and tension declines by 35% after 10 seconds of being inverted on a 25 degree angle.  Therefore, being inverted on the same angle for several minutes a day can definitely help in soothing tense back muscles.  When the back muscles are relaxed, the rest of the body follows.
Stamina Inversion Pro with Assist

If you are after multiple angles when in an inversion therapy, then Stamina Inversion Pro with Assist is the right equipment for you.  Multiple relieves the spine from pressure and provides the needed traction and decompression.   This would allow the back muscles and even the nerves to rejuvenate.

The good thing is that with the Stamina Inversion Pro with Assist,  there are foam-padded handlebar assists and leg-lock systems which could be adjusted to fit the user.  Height range is from 4’ 9” to 6’ 5”, and it could support a weight capacity of 250 pounds.   Durability and strength is one of the main characteristics of this inversion table, there are foam-padded ankle collars providing additional support and security.  It is made of strong steel-frame, with a nylon-stitched support pad.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Good for Price, December 1, 2006
By B. Montgomery
Received the unit with only one small plastic part broken (insert for foot extension bar). Otherwise, quality was very good for the …..(read more of this review at ).
Stamina 55-1539 Therapy Inversion System

The Stamina 55-1539 Therapy Inversion system offers multi-position frames to reduce and relieve the user of pain and stress. This inversion system employs the same concept as those used by hospitals and doctors when it comes to reducing pressure on spinal discs, ligaments and nerves. It has a Pellicle mesh that fits the user’s body.

Getting into an inverted position and returning to the original position is easy because of the assist handle bars.  The leg-lock system ensures that the user is held into place without sacrificing comfort.  There are also foam-padded ankle collars for additional support. Users do not have to worry about storage since they can be folded.  The Stamina 55-1539 can fit heights of 4’ 4” to 6’ 6”, and its weight capacity is 300 pounds.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Defy gravity with an inversion table!, April 13, 2008
By URL Cruiser “midnight surfer”
This thing is wonderful from the moment you mount it and ease back to level and then to a slight downward incline. It balances your weight so you feel a sense of weightlessness. I felt the pressure on my …..(read more of this review at ).
Stamina Seated Inversion

Stamina Seated Inversion
is a chair that could be converted into an inversion table.  Stamina seated inversion tables could provide the much needed relief from back and muscle pains.  With the Stamina Seated Inversion, the user could easily mount and dismount the inversion equipment without sacrificing the pain relief or relaxation that you would get.

For securely holding the user in position, there is a ratcheting leg lock system.  This is released with a push-button lever.  These leg supports could be adjusted to fir different thigh lengths.  There are also locking pivot arms, making it easy to use.  The nylon tether strap controls what inversion position you would like to be in. It allows you to easily choose and lock your desired angle.

4.0 out of 5 stars Seated Inversion Chair, December 10, 2010
The chair is very comfortable and easy to recline in. Did take the…..(read more of this review at ).