Inversion Tables for Back Pain

Back pains are among the most common reasons why an employee or worker would miss work.  A lot of visits to the doctor is brought by back pains, playing second to upper-respiratory problems. Because of this,  back pain sufferers are constantly looking for ways on how to deal with back pains without resorting to drugs or medication. Inversion therapy is a way of relieving back pain through spinal traction.  By hanging upside down, muscle tension and pain could be reduced because it takes off the pressure on the spinal cord, discs and the nerve roots.  Inversion tables could be controlled into different angles that would allow the user pain relief and reduced tension. Inversion therapy could be performed 2 to 3 times a day to address lower back pain.
Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table

The Body Champ IT 8070 Inversion Therapy Table could be used by users with height range from 4’ 7” to 6’ 8” and could support weight as heavy as 250 pounds. The IT8070 provides a way to decompress and elongate the spine that will relieve pressure from the spinal cord, ligaments and nerve roots.  Easy to use, it has a deluxe dual-pin system that would allow the user to find the ideal position or angle.  You just have to raise your arms to shift the weight and you would gradually invert.

There are several support and security features that would allow you safety  and comfort, like the U-shaped handrails, the safety lock when the table is not in use, and the safety strap that allows you to control the inverting angles. It has high-density foam that allows the user maximum comfort.  It could also be folded in compact size for easy storage.

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4.0 out of 5 stars Cheap and basic, does the job!, November 14, 2008
By pants “pants”
I did a lot of online research on inversion tables after really enjoying using the one at my chiropractor’s office (a very nice Teeter brand one). I read a lot of reviews of different tables and tried to decide what to spend…..a pretty good table for the money, and it was shipped by Amazon sooner than expected! ..(read more of this review at ).
Soozier Elite Gravity Fitness Therapy Exercise Inversion TableThe Soozier Elite Gravity Fitness Therapy Exercise Inversion Table is made of durable tubular steel frame, making it an equipment that would certainly last for a long time.  This equipment could help address back pains, muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation, improving body functions.  Complete inversion of this table could reach 180 degrees.  This could support a load as heavy as 300 pounds. This is certainly a great addition to your home for addressing stress and fatigue.

The Soozier Elite is made of top and industrial quality materials, making it ideal for home use or for health clubs.  It is definitely a model made to last.  You don’t have to worry about safety, since the Soozier Elite comes with rubber non-skid floor stabilizers that would keep the table, stable. It also has extra-long safety handles ensuring that the user would be able to switch back to the regular position easily.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Refief!!!!, March 4, 2010
By DonPaul Benzaquin’
I bought this table for my wife for Christmas. We both have chronic back pain. Hers is from an injury and mine is from years … I wake up pain free. You can pay $100’s more but this unit is fine and a great deal for the price. Try it! …..(read more of this review at ).

Sunny Health & Fitness Inversion Table

Inversion therapy with the Sunny Health & Fitness Inversion Table has never been so easy, comfortable and such a relief.  In simple terms, placing your feet above your head, easing the pressure from the weight bearing joints, could provide the relief you are looking for back and muscle pains.

Inversion tables like the Sunny Health &Fitness Inversion tables can also be used to improve posture, reduce the incidents of headaches and relieve stress. It could also improve blood circulation. It is one of the most relaxing and gentle therapy when it comes to addressing back and muscle pains. It could also be used to reduce varicose veins.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent product for the price!, October 6, 2010
By A. Fischer
Bought this about a week ago, my husband uses it everyday and says he is starting to feel drastic relief from …..(read more of this review at ).